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Inflatable Dinosaur Slide

Inflatable dinosaur slide is very popular with children. Its appearance is very realistic. Our craftsmanship can perfectly restore the product you want. An inflatable dinosaur slide is just a showcase. Tonle Inflatables mainly design, produce and export all kinds of commercial-grade PVC inflatable products with high quality & Reasonable Cheap Prices. If you want any other design bouncy castle, inflatable slide, inflatable games, advertising inflatables, etc, please feel free to contact us, you can just send a picture, weblink or simple drawing to us, we can design and make the almost same one for you with more economical price than your local market. If you can imagine it, Tonle can make it.

Product Parameters:

Size 11.28*9.76*8.69m/32*37ft or customized
Color Customized Color
MOQ 1Set
Material 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin
Certificate CE/EN71/EN14960/UL/SGS
Type Inflatable dinosaur slide
Accessories 2* Blower + Repair Kit
Workmanship Double stitch sewing technology
Features Fast install and easy in store
Payment Terms Credit card,Trade assurance,T/T,Western Union,E-check etc

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application: Our products can be used in houses, the backyard, the public, hotels, birthday parties, schools, amusement parks, kindergarten, festival activities, advertisement, promotion, rental, etc.

After-Sales Service:

1. We can freely provide consult service all the time.
2. We can freely provide repair kits (include material, glue, sewing thread, etc) all the time, small quality problems within 2 years, we can also free shipping costs, over 2 years, customer just pay the shipping cost.
3. If the quality problem makes the product or blower unable to repair forever, we can freely provide new replacement and free sea freight within 2 years.
4. If the product is not a quality problem, it’s a human error accident in the customer using, we can only provide repair consult service and free repair kit, no free replacement and no free shipping.


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